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Most people are aware they have values, but they may not have considered which values are most important to them. When trying to understand what makes us feel satisfied with our lives, we may mistakenly skip over examining our values. This is a problem because when our lives are not in alignment with our values, anxiety, mood disturbances, relationship problems, and other issues arise. So what are values? Values are anything that holds importance. For example, some people value education. Others may value family, religion, health, etc. Values and goals are not the same. A value cannot be accomplished. Instead, one sets and accomplishes several realistic goals to live out their values. If the value is health, goals are set to eat balanced meals, exercise, etc. Values serve as a compass for living a fulfilling life.

I work with clients to teach them to identify their values and assess how much they are living according to them. We create a list of value categories including health, community, family, growth/education, etc. and rank them by importance. We then assess how closely their life reflects their values. We use this information to set realistic goals to improve life satisfaction. Clients often find this exercise very informative.

It is important to set realistic goals and focus on one or two areas at a time. This exercise is not meant to be overwhelming. While this exercise can be done at home, working with a counselor can be helpful. Getting an outside perspective from someone who does not impose their own values on you can allow you the space needed to learn about yourself and grow.

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