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Are you searching for a therapist who shares your Christian beliefs and values? We offer faith integration in your sessions upon request. We combine psychological principles with biblical scripture to help you heal from emotional pain while growing in your faith. You may have been told by friends or loved ones to “give it to God,” but are unsure how to go about doing that or what that even means. Through our conversations and the Holy Spirit, we can identify biblical concepts that can ease your pain and burden. You may have been told by loved ones or friends that if you are struggling with relationships or mental health problems like anxiety or depression, you are being punished or are not praying hard enough. This is simply not true. The Bible includes several examples of Christians who prayed daily but struggled with self-doubt, depression, and anxiety. Prayer is one of many practices you can use to improve your mental health and awareness of God’s presence in your life.

As Christian counselors, We can be a source of non-judgmental support for you as you address relationship and emotional challenges. Many people are so afraid of being judged that they actually avoid telling anyone what they are struggling with. Please hear us when we tell you that there is nothing you can do or say that will separate you from God’s love. We are here to provide you with the compassion and acceptance you need to fully grasp His love and grace for you. We┬áhave found stress, shame, guilt, and unhealthy relationships impact our relationship with God. While God is the same today as He always has been, our perception of Him can be influenced by our interactions with imperfect people.

If you are ready to heal from emotional pain and grow in your faith, Christian counseling may be exactly what you need. Contact us today to get started.

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