Stepping Back from the Edge: How to Deal with Anger in the Moment

Anger has a bad reputation, but it is a natural and healthy emotion that everyone feels from time to time. Anger is often triggered by fear, pain (emotional or physical), or both! It fuels passion and raises a flag that changes need to be made in our lives. But when you find yourself being caught off guard with unexpected anger...[ read more ]

A Parent’s Guide to Teen Depression and Suicide

suicide teen depression washington

The phone rings. You see that it is the school so you answer it wondering what trouble your teen is in. Are they sick? This would be the third time this month! It is the school counselor, and he informs you another student heard your daughter expressing thoughts about killing herself. You feel like you have just been punched in...[ read more ]

4 Ways to Reduce Anxiety on Your Coffee Break

According to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America, anxiety disorders affect roughly 40 million people over the age of 18 in the United States. Though these disorders are highly treatable, only 36.9% of those with anxiety seek treatment. Perhaps this is because of busy schedules or a lack of insurance that causes so many people with anxiety to suffer...[ read more ]

4 Ways to Improve Communication in Your Relationship

If you’re reading this blog post, chances are you and your significant other have hit a snag in the relationship. Maybe you’re spending less time with each other and you’ve grown apart. Or maybe you do little else than argue these days.All relationships go through their ups and downs. No matter the good intentions of the individuals or how in...[ read more ]

Teens, Children, & The Summer Blues

Teens and children are often so excited about the end of the school year. They count down the days until they are free from homework and long days in the classroom. They list all of the fun ways they are going to spend their free time in between vacations or other fun events they have planned. Unfortunately, this excitement is...[ read more ]

The Impact of Graphic News on Mental Health

Have you ever read an article, watched a video, or heard a story that shook your emotional foundation? I read an article recently that was written in graphic detail about a murder. The murder impacted several people I know and care about. When I read the article, I could not help but think about how the victim’s loved ones would...[ read more ]

Be Okay on Mothers’ Day

Happy Mothers' Day to all mothers including past, present, soon to be mothers, step-mothers (a.k.a. bonus moms), and grieving mothers. There are often a lot of mixed emotions on this holiday. Many mothers and children have experienced losses that make it difficult to enjoy their day with the loved ones still with them. Here is a list of ways to...[ read more ]

10 Alternatives To Self-Harm

Self-harm, also referred to as self-injurious behavior, refers to actions people take to injure themselves through a variety of methods including but not limited to cutting, punching, biting, or burning themselves. The motivation for self-harm varies, but the goal of these behaviors is typically to cope with negative emotions. Self-harm is not limited to specific genders or age groups. Many...[ read more ]

Just Belly Breathe

We have all heard it. “Just take a deep breath.” When I talk to clients about taking deep breaths, they typically say they have tried that tactic before, and it did not work for them. The problem is they have not been taking deep BELLY breaths. Imagine you are very anxious, and your breathing is shallow and fast. When you...[ read more ]

Using Mindfulness to Combat Anxiety

Mindfulness is best described as a set of skills that provides a “moment-to-moment awareness of one’s experience without judgment” (Davis & Hayes, 2011). When people respond to situations without judgment, they are not labeling the experience as good or bad, but they accept their experience with an attitude of curiosity. People practicing Buddhism have been using mindfulness for centuries to...[ read more ]

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