Be Okay on Mothers’ Day

Happy Mothers’ Day to all mothers including past, present, soon to be mothers, step-mothers (a.k.a. bonus moms), and grieving mothers. There are often a lot of mixed emotions on this holiday. Many mothers and children have experienced losses that make it difficult to enjoy their day with the loved ones still with them. Here is a list of ways to reduce your suffering and enjoy the time you have with loved ones on Mothers’ Day.

1. Acknowledge your pain for a set amount of time, but try to be present today.

2. Doing activities with loved ones such as crafts, lunches, etc. can help keep you stay focused on today.

3. Try to fight the urge to isolate yourself.

4. Reach out for support.

5. Know that it is okay to smile today. It does not mean your loved one has been forgotten.

6. Honor your loved one by doing an activity you enjoyed together when they were with you. This could be listening to their favorite song, visiting their grave, cooking their favorite dish, planting their favorite flower, etc.

6. If grief is something that you struggle with and would like professional support, go to my website and schedule an appointment with me.

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