About Nichole Bosserman

Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor

I am a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor and the owner of Lasting Serenity Counseling Services in Washington, IL. I specialize in couples counseling, mood disorders (bipolar and depression), anxiety, and trauma. I primarily work with teens, college students, and adults. I also offer Christian counseling.  

I knew at a young age that I wanted to spend my life helping people overcome difficult situations and mental health problems. Working in community mental health agencies and a women’s prison, I have had the opportunity to provide counseling services to a variety of people. I am passionate about helping people identify their problems so they can discover the calm and happiness they deserve.

How I Can Help

Counseling sessions consist of a series of conversations. Based on our conversations and your goals, we will create a plan together to get you feeling better and more connected in your relationships. I will use my experience and knowledge to help you heal and thrive despite negative experiences and challenging situations you have come up against.

My clients frequently tell me they feel comfortable talking with me because I am “easy to talk to.” They tell me my office is a comfortable setting that looks and feels like a living room. It is a safe place where people describe their challenges without fear of being judged. Our sessions are focused on identifying and overcoming barriers that prevent you from obtaining emotional wellness and healthy relationships.

I may provide you with tasks to try in your daily life between sessions. Like most things in life, the more effort you put into your healing journey, the more you will benefit from our sessions.

Counseling is a unique service because the goal of counseling is for you to not need it anymore! Through our work together, you will obtain the knowledge and skills to maintain emotional wellness and healthy relationships.

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Therapeutic Approach

I am an eclectic therapist, which means I use a variety of techniques to individualize treatment to my clients’ needs and preferences. In individual counseling, I typically use Dialectical Behavior Therapy and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. With couples, I use The Gottman Method. Research studies show these methods work to reduce suffering, improve emotional wellness, and heal relationships!

I have experience working with a variety of issues ranging from stress to mental health disorders. I have extensive experience working with adults, teens, and couples who struggle with relationship problems, mood disorders (bipolar disorder and depression), anxiety, and trauma.

Education & Training

As a mental health professional, I have worked with people with various mental health disorders and backgrounds. I have provided mental health services in central Illinois for 10 years. I worked with children with autism while attending graduate school at Illinois State University. I obtained my Bachelors Degree in Psychology and a Masters Degree in Clinical Counseling Psychology at Illinois State University. While attending graduate school, I supervised graduate students leading a Dialectical Behavior Therapy Skills Groups. I also studied spiritual formation at Lincoln Christian University.

I provided community mental health services in DeWitt County and Macon County. I also volunteered for the suicide hotline and a community center for children living in poverty. To provide mental health services in corrections, I worked at Logan Correctional Center with women in crisis or who were struggling with other mental health challenges.

Interests & Hobbies

On a personal note, I enjoy spending time with my husband, daughters, and friends. My favorite hobbies include kayaking on the river, hiking, gardening, and playing with my dogs. I value investing time in my community by engaging in fundraising events for St. Jude, blood drives, and church outreach events.


I am a proud member of the American Mental Health Counselors Association and the Illinois Counseling Association.


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